Coronavirus in Karachi: Tally reaches 16 as nine more cases confirmed


Coronavirus in Karachi is prevailing as nine more cases reported in the city. However, total confirmed Coronavirus cases in Pakistan reach 16.

The representative of the provincial health department told that All the new sir patients of Coronavirus had back to Pakistan from Syria via Doha, Qatar, while the other three arrived from London via Dubai.

All the infected 16 people of Coronavirus are under observation and the doctor gives them treatment. The first person infected from the novel Coronavirus recovered and had been discharged last week.

Zahid Abbas Secretary Sindh Health mentioned that a total of 27 people who are contacted with the Coronavirus patients out of which 8 people had tested negative whereas remaining were still undergo the test.

Dr. Zafar Mirza, Pakistan’s health minister reveals that the infection had extended to Pakistan after cases were confirmed in 47 countries. He additionally referenced that the infection had influenced individuals in the country last as the government had played it safe to compel it.


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