CPECs connectivity needs and the crucial role of Zong 4G

CPEC the largest project of this kind that Pakistan has ever seen is maturing at a rapid pace. Industries, both large and small, have already started to experience the positive impacts of the connectivity and infrastructure development that the mega project is delivering. Besides its immediate and more obvious outcomes, the spillover effects of CPEC for other sectors in both long and short-term are tremendous.

A crucial part of the larger Belt & Road Initiative (formerly One Belt One Road), CPEC holds connectivity at its very core. CPEC will create an expansive network of highways, railways, and pipelines that will bring superior connectivity across different geographical locations and populations of Pakistan. Moreover, the mega project will also prove to be a major contributor towards the growth of various to energy, industrial, and numerous interlinked infrastructure development projects.

Among major catalysts and enablers of CPECs continued progress has been Pakistans preferred connectivity partner Zong 4G. In a majority of CPEC projects, Zong 4G is playing the role of primary connectivity provider thanks to its unrivalled network footprint and best-in-class high-speed data products and services that have stimulated digital penetration in the country.

Seamless communication between the two countries and between multiple stakeholders within and outside the country is of utmost significance as CPEC progresses, shares Wang Hua, Chairman and CEO Zong 4G. Backed by its unrivalled network footprint and best-in-class high-speed data products and services that have accelerated digital penetration in the country, Zong is playing the role of the primary connectivity provider in CPEC projects.

Zong 4G believes in the power of technology for the enablement of the masses in this increasingly tech-driven world. That very belief has enabled Zong to spearhead Pakistans ICT-powered digital transformation and pave the road for future technologies like the impending 5G. With the worlds leading 5G operator China Mobile Communication Corporation, with 188,000 5G base stations in over 50 cities, at its back, Zong is best positioned to take 5G leadership. From 5G testing to MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) and NB-IoT trials, Zong continues to how the industry a fresh direction, Wang Hua, Chairman and CEO Zong 4G adds.

The pace with which CPEC is moving forward is impressive, so is the role of the primary connectivity partner that Zong is playing for the project. Leading the industry towards Digital Pakistan for many years now, Zong was the natural companion to fulfill CPECs profound communications needs. As both CPEC and Digital Pakistan initiative share the same goals, Zong is enabling both in marching towards the unified goal.

Among key milestones of the mega project so far are groundbreaking of numerous power/energy and infrastructure projects, commencement of construction of the New Gwadar International Airport , construction of the Orange Line Metro Train Project in Lahore which is nearing its launch, and a considerable progress on ML-1 railway line, to name a few.

Zong 4G has been a key enabler and supporter of the socioeconomic uplift in the country. The company has created 3,500 direct and over 200,000 indirect employment opportunities in Pakistan. The company has made solid contributions to Pakistans exchequer in the shape of taxes, license fees, spectrum fees, and more. Above all, Zong is creating and nurturing a robust digital ecosystem in the country that will prepare Pakistan to enter the 5G era.

Zong is powering Pakistan and CPEC with its widest network of over 14,000 4G towers, best-in-class 4G, and unbeatable bundles and packages that are tailored to the projects requirements. The company is geared to go farther in its support of the project and witness both Pakistan and China achieve prosperity and a better life for their citizens.  

Faizanullah Hussainy
Faizanullah Hussainyhttp://hamariweb.com/
Syed Faizanullah Hussainy is a senior content writer with writing expertise in different niches. He is an Electronics Engineer by qualification and loves to write about different topics. He has six years of writing experience and currently working as a content writer at hamariweb.com.


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