E-Passport Fees in Pakistan for 2024

In a major stride towards enhancing accessibility and efficiency, the Government of Pakistan has unveiled a revamped fee structure for e-Passports, effective from January 2024. This move is geared towards simplifying the application process and ensuring that e-Passports are within reach for a wider demographic of Pakistani citizens.

Key Changes in E-Passport Fees:

  1. 72-Page E-Passport:
  • Five-year validity: Rs15,000
  • Ten-year validity: Rs24,000
  1. 36-Page E-Passport:
  • Five-year validity: Rs9,000
  • Ten-year validity: Rs13,000

The updated fee structure ensures uniformity across all provinces, fostering consistency and fairness for all applicants. This aligns with the government’s commitment to providing equal access to essential travel documents.

Accessibility for All:

Designed to cater to a broader demographic, the new fee system reflects the government’s dedication to facilitating citizens in obtaining this crucial travel document. The revised fees aim to make e-Passports more accessible to a wider audience.

Clarity and Predictability:

The new fee structure provides clarity and predictability for applicants, enabling them to plan and budget accordingly. This transparency contributes to a more straightforward and user-friendly application process.

Efficiency in Processing:

The streamlined fees are expected to contribute to a more efficient processing system, reducing unnecessary delays and expediting passport issuance. This initiative aligns with the government’s goal of creating a hassle-free experience for passport applicants.

Encouragement for Citizens:

As the new year begins, the government’s initiative to standardize e-Passport fees marks a significant step towards a more user-friendly and efficient passport issuance system. Pakistani citizens are encouraged to take advantage of the updated fee structure, simplifying the process and contributing to a seamless travel experience. This commitment reinforces the government’s dedication to ensuring that obtaining an e-Passport is hassle-free and accessible for all citizens.

This development signifies a positive move towards making essential travel documents more affordable and attainable for the citizens of Pakistan in 2024.

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehrahttps://hamariweb.com/
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