Fire at Karachi Malir Mandi: Quick Action Saves Many Animals

In an unexpected turn of events, a fire broke out at the renowned Malir Cattle Mandi in Karachi, causing panic among the animals and people present. The incident, which occurred while food was being prepared within the mandi, led to a few cattle and other animals sustaining injuries.

The fire quickly spread, creating a chaotic situation as the flames intensified. The animals, startled by the sudden blaze, reacted in fear, adding to the confusion. However, amidst the pandemonium, the vendors and sellers at the mandi displayed commendable teamwork and presence of mind.

These individuals, who are usually seen competing against each other for business, set aside their differences and joined forces to combat the fire. Their quick response and collective efforts played a crucial role in diffusing the situation and preventing it from escalating into a major disaster.

Malir Cattle Mandi holds a significant place in Karachi’s landscape, especially during the period leading up to Eid ul Adha 2024. Known as one of the largest mandis set up in the city, it attracts a large number of vendors and buyers every year. Despite the recent incident, the spirit of the mandi remains undeterred, with vendors and buyers alike looking forward to the upcoming Eid ul Adha celebrations.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid is a content writer with expertise in publishing news articles with strong academic background in Political Science. She is imaginative, diligent, and well-versed in research techniques. Her essay displays her analytical style quite well. She is currently employed as English content writer at


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