Flour price in Pakistan will decrease from today, Food Minister


According to Khusro Bakhtiar, the Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research, the flour price in Pakistan is going to decrease from Monday (today).

The flour price in Pakistan will decline from today as claimed by Khusro Bakhtiar. He said that the wheat price in Pakistan will be decreased when flour mills will be opened. He further added that the federal govt has 4 million tonnes of staple food in the stock.

Khusro Bakhtiar revealed that the Sindh govt lately lifted wheat from PASSCO or Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation that resulted in the artificial crisis in Sindh. In addition, the transporters’ strike made it worse.

The Federal Minister said that the KPK government was getting 2,000 tonnes wheat on daily basis whereas Sindh was only getting 150 tonnes. He revealed that 40,000 metric tons wheat was smuggled per month to Afghanistan and special steps were also taken to prevent the wheat crisis in Pakistan.


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