Government Adjusts Passport Delivery Times in Response to High Demand

In response to a significant surge in passport applications, the government has announced changes to the official passport delivery times. The Director General of Immigration and Passports (DGIP) recently issued a notification detailing the revised passport delivery schedules.

New Passport Delivery Times

  • Normal Passport: Previously taking 10 days, it will now require up to 21 working days for delivery.
  • Urgent Passport: The delivery time has been adjusted from 4 days to 5 days.
  • Fast Track Passport: The delivery time for fast-track passports remains unchanged at 2 days.
Passport TypePrevious Delivery TimeNew Delivery Time
Normal10 days21 days
Urgent4 days5 days
Fast Track2 days2 days

Office Hours and Complaint Procedures

The DGIP has emphasized the importance of adhering to designated office hours. Passport offices throughout the country will be open from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm from Monday to Thursday and from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Fridays.

Applicants are encouraged to register any complaints through the Pakistan Citizen Portal in the event of any inconvenience. For further inquiries, they can also reach out to the DGIP helpline at 051-111-344-777.

Previous Changes and Passport Ranking

It’s worth noting that in April of this year, delivery times for normal, urgent, and fast-track passports had been reduced to 10 days, 4 days, and 2 days, respectively.

Despite these adjustments, the Pakistani passport continues to be ranked as one of the least favorable in the world. According to the UK-based citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & Partners, the Pakistani passport is currently ranked as the fourth-worst globally.

These changes aim to address the increasing demand for passports and streamline the delivery process while citizens are encouraged to stay updated with the latest developments in passport services.

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehra is a senior content writer with writing expertise in different niches. She is an MBA graduate by qualification and loves to write about diverse topics. Zehra has 3 years of writing experience and currently employed at as a content writer.


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