Hamza Shahbaz becomes Chief Minister of Punjab


Hamza Shahbaz sworn as the chief minister of Punjab at Governor House after winning three votes against the coalition PML-Q/PTI. In an oath ceremony on Saturday, Shahbaz took an oath under the the administration of Governor Punjab Baligh Ur Rehman. The ceremony was attended by members of the PML-N and other government representatives.

A day earlier, Hamza Shahbaz was re-elected as Punjab chief minister when Deputy Speaker Dost Mazari, invoked Article 63A of the Constitution. And had invalidated 10 votes given by PML-Q members. As a consequence, Hamza gathered 179 votes, whereas Elahi, who had PTI support, received 176 votes. A petition has been filed against Mazari by PTI, and PML-Q.

PTI and PML-Q leaders filed a petition against the CM Punjab election while following Deputy Speaker Dost Mazari’s verdict. A plea was filed late at night in the SC Lahore Registry by Aamir Saeed Rawn, Pervez Elahi’s attorney. Aamir Saeed said to the media that Mazari has misinterpreted the SC verdict and that Chief Justice Pakistan (CJP) should take legal action.


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