Heatwave Alert in Pakistan: Lahore to Hit 42°C Today

As the mercury soars, Lahore set to sizzle at a sweltering 42 degrees Celsius today, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD). The city’s minimum temperature expected to hover around 26 degrees Celsius, with no respite from the heat in the form of rain for the upcoming week.

The PMD reports a wind speed of five km per hour in the city, with humidity levels at 60 per cent. Despite these conditions, the city’s residents advised to remain cautious and avoid unnecessary outings, especially during peak heat hours.

Lahore’s air quality continues to be a concern, with the city ranking second globally in terms of pollution. The average smog level in Lahore recorded at 182, posing additional health risks to its citizens.

Chief Meteorologist Shahid Abbas warns that temperatures may even cross the 43 degrees Celsius mark in the coming days. In light of this, medical professionals are stressing the importance of hydration and the use of protective measures such as head coverings to prevent dehydration and heat-related illnesses.

As the heatwave grips the city, residents urged to prioritize their health by minimizing exposure to the sun and seeking shade whenever possible.

In contrast, central districts of Balochistan may experience some relief with the likelihood of rain and thunderstorms during the evening and night.

Morning Temperatures Across Major Cities:

  • Islamabad: 18°C
  • Lahore: 26°C
  • Karachi: 29°C
  • Peshawar: 22°C
  • Quetta: 21°C
  • Gilgit: 14°C
  • Murree: 15°C
  • Muzaffarabad: 19°C
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