Imran Khan headed toward Islamabad for Azadi Long March


The tension between the government and PTI regarding Azadi March still seems unresolved. No agreement between the govt and PTI has been initiated. Both PTI workers including Hammad Azhar, Faisal Javed Khan, and Imran Khan along with PML-N worker, Marium Aurangzeb have refused the development regarding the agreement.

The talks went futile on Supreme Court directives between both parties. Large gatherings have headed toward Islamabad despite the government’s restrictions. The clash between PTI and police in Lahore became the battleground for so long. On government directives, Law enforcement agencies were active and all measures were taken to halt the march. At Lahore, Batti Chowk police used gas shelling at the PTI worker to disperse the workers. Hence, more than 200 PTI workers have been arrested in Lahore. Besides, Police also attacked and broke the windscreen glass of a senior Yasmeen Rashid’s car.

Imran Khan will lead the March; he said it will be the biggest march ever for the “real freedom”. He has also urged Pakistanis to get out of their homes and join the march. Imran Khan said, “All Pakistanis, women, children, families, youth, lawyers, retired army officers, everyone has to come out for real independence,”


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