International Consignments Must Be Cleared Within 48 Hours, Muhammad Arshad Jamal

Karachi: Internationally, all cargo operations are carried out on a 24-hour basis and consignment clearance and duties and taxes are paid online, but consignments are not cleared online in Pakistan, which delays the clearance of consignments. Internationally, consignments should be cleared within 48 hours. These views were expressed by Muhammad Arshad Jamal, Leader, All Pakistan Customs Agents Association, in a joint meeting with traders of MCC Preventive Air Freight Unit, Karachi.

He said that on the one hand the government was advocating the concept of single window operation and clearance was also introducing a clearance system called “In the Sky” while on the other hand traders were having to pay heavy taxes for clearance of their valuables. Business costs are skyrocketing and the service sector is blaming each other, but government officials are silent and indifferent to trade facilitation.

Mohammad Arshad Jamal said that some important issues need to be resolved on urgent basis and instructions need to be given to the concerned authorities. But consignment exams have been delayed for a long time due to lack of staff, which has led to a lack of facilities at the air freight unit. He said that delivery of consignment should be made possible by 10 pm and clearance of consignment should be done in minimum time to reduce business cost. In addition, four examination officers should be posted in Jerry Danata to check the consignment.

On this occasion, Qamar-ul-Islam, Vice Chairman, All Pakistan Customs Agents Association, highlighted the issues related to delay in payment of terminals charges. He said that they have only one counter at the terminal for collection of documents and issuance of payment vouchers while at least 4 counters should be required so that the time of traders is not wasted.

Listening to Asia’s point of view and saying that your observations are very accurate and Customs is also reviewing trade facilities in a safe business environment, he said that clearance in the Sky system and PSW are big projects that facilitate trade The consignment clearance process will take place.

In a detailed discussion, he directed the terminal operators to improve the quality of services provided to the traders and increase the delivery time of consignment till 10 pm. He said that the customs staff will be available till the last parcel is delivered to you. He assured that we are here for your convenience and You can visit us at any time for any issue.

Shehzad Ali said that we are working under the direction of customs officials. Trade facilitation is our priority. He said that we are ready to work 24 hours a day if the customs staff is present on the spot and gives us permission and assures us that they are increasing the counters. At the end of the meeting, APCA Senior Vice Chairman Muhammad Arshad Jamal expressed his gratitude to Additional Collector Dr Amir Nawaz.

Umer Malik
Umer Malik
Umer Malik is dedicated Editor at Hamariweb news section with over 8 years experience in web publishing.


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