JDC Free Graveyard in Karachi Eases Burial Space Shortage

In a groundbreaking move to address the escalating issue of insufficient burial grounds in Karachi amid the city’s burgeoning population, the JDC has taken a remarkable step by spearheading the establishment of a free graveyard. This proactive initiative aims to provide a viable and compassionate solution for residents facing challenges in securing affordable and accessible burial spaces for their loved ones.

Recognizing the urgent need to alleviate the strain on existing burial facilities, JDC is paving the way for a more inclusive and cost-free option for the city’s residents. The free graveyard project is poised to make a significant impact, offering a range of services entirely free of charge, including grave fees.

With the city’s population on the rise, the shortage of burial grounds has become a pressing concern, leading to emotional and financial hardships for many families. JDC’s initiative comes as a timely response to this challenge, acknowledging the importance of providing accessible and dignified burial options for all residents, regardless of economic status.

The free graveyard facility will not only cater to the basic need for burial space but also extend its services with a compassionate touch. Families can benefit from the entire range of offerings, including free grave charges, ensuring that the financial burden during such challenging times is alleviated.

How to Access the Free Graveyard Services:

Residents can avail themselves of this groundbreaking service by contacting JDC. The organization is keen to guide families through the process, making the experience as seamless and stress-free as possible during times of grief.

JDC welcomes support and collaboration from the local community, businesses, and organizations to ensure the sustained success of this initiative.

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
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