Karachi Weather Forecast: Scorching Heat Expected for the Next 24 Hours

In a recent update from the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Karachi residents are bracing themselves for scorching and dry weather conditions over the next 24 hours. This forecast comes as part of the latest weather report from the Met Office, which indicates that most regions across the country will experience dry weather, with the southern areas expected to be particularly hot.

Karachi Temperature Outlook:

  • Maximum temperature: 39°C to 41°C
  • Minimum temperature: 24.5°C
  • Current humidity level: 34%

The maximum temperature in Karachi is expected to hover between 39°C to 41°C, with the recorded minimum temperature presently standing at 24.5°C. The city’s current humidity level is reported at 34%, according to the PMD.

Wind Conditions:

Winds in the metropolis are currently blowing from the northwest at a low speed, as confirmed by the weather forecasting authority.

Extended Forecast:

The weather is predicted to remain unchanged on Monday in most districts of the province, with temperatures possibly soaring even higher to 41°C to 43°C on both Monday and Tuesday. As we step into October, Karachi will continue to experience scorching heat.

Rida Shahid
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