National Savings Schemes: Latest Profit Rates for May 2024

In a recent move, the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) has significantly adjusted the interest rates for its diverse National Savings Schemes. This is the fourth such revision in five months.

The Special Savings Certificates (SSC) saw a reduction of 10 basis points, bringing the rate down to 15.70% from the previous 15.8%. Similarly, the Regular Income Certificates (RIC) now yield a return of 14.64%, a slight decrease from the earlier 14.76%.

The Bahbood Savings Certificates (BSC), Pensioners Benefit Account (PBA), and Shuhada Family Welfare Account (SFWA) also experienced a dip in interest rates by 24 basis points, settling at 15.36%.

The Defence Savings Certificates underwent a marginal reduction of 1 basis point, adjusting the rate to 14.39%.

On the flip side, the Short Term Savings Certificates (STSC) rates witnessed an increase of 24 basis points, elevating the rate to 19.24%. The Sarwa Islamic Term Account (SITA) also experienced a surge of 56 basis points, pushing the rate up to 19.1%.

The profit rates for the Saving Account and Sarwa Islamic Savings Account (SISA) have been maintained at a steady 20.5%. These changes came into effect from May 14, 2024.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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