Pak Suzuki Car Price In Pakistan Increased By Up To Rs 1 Million


Pak Suzuki car price in Pakistan is raised again. Read the full article for further details and information.

PSMC or Pak Suzuki Motor Company is breaking all record related to the price raise, as they have increased the Pak Suzuki car price in Pakistan, again. However, the raise is observed in prices of Vitara, Jimny, Cultus VXR, Cultus VXL, and Cultus AGS. Below you can check new car prices 2020.

New Suzuki Car Price In Pakistan 2020

Cars New Price (Rs) Old Price (Rs) Difference (Rs)
Vitara 6,500,000 5,500,000 1,000,000
Jimny 4,490,000 3,990,000 500,000
Cultus VXR 1,780,000 1,745,000 35,000
Cultus VXL 1,865,000 1,900,000 35,000
Cultus AGS 2,030,000 1,985,000 45,000

It is the sixth time in last nine months when Pak Suzuki increased the prices. The first price raise took place in January, when rates of all PSMC vehicles were revised. The second price bump took place in July, in which, PSMC increased the Suzuki bike price in Pakistan. The third price raise was happened in July, for the new Alto.

It is noted that the fourth price bump took place three weeks ago for the Bolan & Ravi and the fifth price hike happened two days back when all the motorcycle prices were revised. However, the current price raise happens to be the sixth.


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