Petrol Price In Pakistan Increased By Rs 25 Per Liter


Petrol Price In Pakistan

The petrol price in Pakistan is now Rs 100.10 per liter. However, new prices are effective from today.

Yesterday, PM Imran Khan approved the summary regarding the recommendation to increase petroleum prices. As per the notification, the reason was to meet the rising oil prices trend in the international market.

Petrol rates, as per the recommendation, were to be raised to Rs 25.58 per liter. Similarly, the per liter price of light diesel, kerosene oil, and high speed diesel is increased by Rs 17.84, Rs 23.5, and Rs 21.31resepctively.

The new per liter price of light diesel, kerosene oil, HSD, and petrol is Rs 55.98, Rs 59.06, Rs 101.46, and Rs 100.1 respectively.


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