Saylani Welfare’s “Umeed Ki Kiran” Project Educates Street Children in Pakistan

In a bid to illuminate the futures of countless out-of-school children and street kids across the nation, Saylani Welfare International Trust proudly introduces its latest endeavor, “Umeed ki Kiran.” This ambitious project aims to establish a network of cutting-edge charitable schools, ushering in a wave of educational opportunities for the underprivileged.

The unveiling ceremony of Saylani Trust’s new initiative occurred at Al-Mohsin Sweet Homes and Educational Complex in Korangi. Maulana Muhammad Bashir Farooq Qadri, Chairman of Saylani Trust, shared his vision of empowering youth through quality education and IT training. He aims to generate up to US $100 billion in foreign exchange annually.

Maulana Qadri expressed gratitude to philanthropists whose support drove Saylani Trust’s cause. Over 24 years, the Trust dedicated Rs 60 billion to humanitarian efforts. Last year, Rs 13 billion allocated across 63 sectors, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to serving humanity.

Engineer Sami Abdullah Salim Al Khanjari, Oman’s Consul General in Karachi, praised Saylani Trust’s efforts. He admired the Pakistani community’s philanthropic spirit, contrasting it with welfare efforts in the Middle East.

“Umeed ki Kiran” brightens the path to a better future. Saylani Welfare International Trust committed to illuminating lives and uplifting communities through acts of kindness.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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