Sindh govt plans to teach women riding a motorbike


The College Education Department Government of Sindh has decided to coach college-going women on how to ride a motorcycle. The department asked the government colleges to assist with a list of all the female students willing to ride bikes. As per the letter, the training will be given in respective colleges. The initiative has been heaved in collaboration with Sindh Women Development Department.

The objective behind the training is to empower women and to make them independently stronge. In Pakistan women riding a bicycle is neither a norm nor a fashion. Hence, it is taken ignominiously for women to ride bikes on the streets. However, the social stigma is reducing where women from all walks of life are using bikes for their commute. 

A similar proposal was also taken by the Punjab government provided electric scooters to the female staff in public schools all over the province. But due to the rising inflation and economic disaster, the initiative is yet to follow up by the new government of PMLN. 


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