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Zong 4G – Staying Socially Responsible While Connecting Pakistan

The telecom sector plays a crucial role globally: its the key vehicle for digitalization as more and more people increasingly use smartphones with an internet connection for staying connected with the world. However, the one thing that sets the telecom sector apart from other businesses is that how perfectly its business aligns with empowering of its people and the role telecoms play in the economic uplift of the society.

The same holds true for Pakistan, where cellular operators have been at the forefront of the digital transformation, being led by the Government of Pakistan. At the forefront is Zong, a leading cellular and digital services provider of Pakistan that continues to have a significant socio-economic impact in the country. For over 12 years, the company has made numerous significant and impactful contributions to Pakistans economy and society.

Zong 4Gs contributions speak volumes of its commitment to Pakistan and the strengthening ties of friendship between China and Pakistan. Zong or China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) is a 100% owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation. Its is the only telecom operator that is investing all its profit back into Pakistan, striving relentlessly to serve the evolving connectivity needs of Pakistanis through focused network transformation and expansion.

The company has invested more than USD 3 billion in capital expenditures in Pakistan over the last decade. It also plans investments of more than USD 1 billion for further expansion of its 4G network in Pakistan. Consequently, Zong has also helped foster economic activities by creating over 3,500 direct and more than 200,000 indirect employment opportunities.

Zong is the only operator with 14,000+ 4G sites across more than 300 cities, providing its best-in-class connectivity services across the length and breadth of the country. Having emerged as a top connectivity and digital services partner for millions of Pakistanis, Zon4 G is catering to the ever-changing connectivity needs of over 40 million subscribers. Zong is also a leader of digital business solutions and is providing tailored digital services to thousands of businesses.

Driven by its mission of empowering society and communities through ICT, Zong has kept an unyielding focus on continuously modernizing its network to better cater to the emerging digital communications needs of Pakistanis. This is evident from the fact that Zong was the first telecom operator to introduce 4G in Pakistan, and it was also the first cellular company to successfully test 5G in south-east Asia.

While the companys efforts towards network expansion and transformation serve its mission of social empowerment, the company is also actively engaged in direct CSR activities. Setting the bar high in terms of social contributions, the company reaches out to Pakistanis through its CSR interventions to address the key challenges faced by the various strata of the society. The companys contributions amid the novel coronavirus, especially, showed its commitment to Pakistan and its people.

Zong announced a pledge to stand with Pakistan as it battles the pandemic and the challenges arising as a result, as a responsible entity Zong extended support to the Pakistani government and health authorities. A significant part of the aid also came in the shape of discounted telecom services and special offers to facilitate work and study from home. Moreover, Zong also donated generously towards Prime Ministers Corona Relief Fund.

Another major way through which Zong extended its support to all segments of the society is via collaborations with the federal and local governments of all provinces. The telecom giant partnered with the local governments of the Punjab, KP, and Sindh to spread awareness about COVID-19 and educate the masses on crucial preventive measures. Through free text messages and voice & data connectivity, Zong 4G has empowered the local authorities to handle all critical communication needs during these challenging times.

Besides the companys Covid-19 response, Zong is also working relentlessly for the socio-economic uplift of the communities and reducing the digital and social divide through other CSR initiatives. Being the official Chinese company operating in Pakistan, Zong is working beyond providing telecommunication services and towards the societal uplift and reducing the digital divide.

The company has partnered with orphanages, old age homes, schools and more where it has extended support, provided everyday supplies, and delivered training of sorts. To ensure gender-inclusivity, Zong has also adhered to building different vocational centers for females. Furthermore, the company has also provided training to females to ensure skill development for financial independence.

The company has a long-term commitment to the country and is here to serve Pakistanis in better, more innovative ways. Zongs ties with Pakistan and its people, which have been built over the years by reaching them out with support and services, are only growing stronger with each passing year and the company is geared to help Pakistan achieve its true potential through digitalization.

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