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Can Coronavirus Be Spread By Frozen Foods? Shocking Truth Revealed

Coronavirus and Frozen Foods

Is there any connection between frozen foods and Coronavirus? Read the full article for complete details.

Large freezers in supermarkets may have frozen chicken food items imported from China, Brazil, or the United States, or they may have frozen items from another city in the country with the intention of selling them in the freezer. It is better to be careful when buying these days, because according to a study conducted in New Zealand, frozen food is also spreading the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

You may recall that New Zealand was the second country in the world, after China, to declare itself “corona-free” in June, the Prime Minister said. She also held a press conference and shared this good news with her people, but 100 days later, Coronavirus patients have started appearing in New Zealand since the beginning of this month.

It is said that in the days when the Coronavirus was at its peak, frozen food items were being packed abroad, it is feared that the people providing the packing service were the victims of Coronavirus. After opening, the frozen food items were sent to New Zealand for sale, and the corona virus was transmitted to those who bought them.

New Zealands Ministry of Health has warned people against buying frozen food items and feared that the re-spread of the Coronavirus in the country was due to frozen foods, so people should refrain from buying and using it for now.

A similar report came from China this week, with some Chinese officials saying frozen prawns and chicken wings exported from Ecuador and Brazil contained Coronavirus. Shen Zhen’s Municipal Health Commission said they had detected Coronavirus in packaging of exported chicken wings, so they had warned locals to refrain from buying frozen food items from now on.

Ministry of Health officials and Caitlin Howell, a biomedical and chemical engineer at the University of Maine in China, said that they have so far reported only one case of Coronavirus being transmitted to humans through the frozen food. The virus was found on the packaging of some frozen food items during the checking and screening. They further added that the virus can be transmitted from frozen food and it needs a human body (host) to survive.

According to a research, Coronavirus can survive for 3 hours at room temperature, at temperatures below 20 degrees it can survive for more than a week, while at zero temperatures it can survive at the surface of an object for several months. Therefore, if care is taken for a few days and the purchase of frozen foods is avoided, the transmission of Coronavirus through frozen food can be prevented.

Shahzaib Dyer
Shahzaib Dyer
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