Cut, Copy, Paste Inventor Larry Tesler, died


Apple’s chief scientist and inventor of cut, copy, paste UI tool Larry Tesler died at age of 47.

Inventor of most commonly used UI tools died. Larry Tesler was a pioneering computer scientist whose accomplishments comprised inventing the widely relied on “cut, copy and paste” command.

He was born in Bronx, New York, in 1945 and got his degree in computer science from Stanford University, California. Later, he moved to Silicon Valley and started working there. He made easy to learn computer for people in an era where technology was in its initial stage and was inaccessible for masses.

With another computer scientist Tim Mott, Larry invented copy, cut, and paste at  Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).

He joined Apple in 1980 where Macintosh, QuickTime, Lisa, and the Newton tablet were the product on which he worked. The concept of copy-paste was got popularized among users by the first personal computers, Lisa and Macintosh.

He has worked in numerous companies on various designations.  He has worked at Stagecast, an education software startup that was spun out of Apple and many other famous companies including Amazon, Yahoo, 23 and Me in his life time of 47 years.


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