Is US army developing metaverse?


As new ideas are unfolding in the gaming world, the metaverse is getting more and more popularity in virtual world. The Second Life, an online game for instance built a community of millions of game lovers living in a virtual space. Not just on a personal level, but also companies and militaries are using advanced levels of technology. For example, US Army has been using simulation technology for training purposes. 

The US Army, 2017 has been working to develop a Synthetic Training Environment (STE) with the intent to combine all simulation systems as one. To produce simulated settings like pedestrians and cars simultaneously, STE aims to extract data from all resources that are accessible.

The distinction is that STE is specifically made for army troops to improve training and mission rehearsals. Metaverses, on the other hand, are used for entertainment purposes only; therefore they don’t need a precise portrayal of the earth in their graphics.


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