Pakistan Set to Launch Historic Lunar Mission ICUBE-Q on May 3rd

In a historic milestone, Pakistan’s ICUBE-Q satellite is set to launch on May 3rd, marking the country’s entry into lunar exploration

Pakistan poised to make history by launching its first-ever lunar mission, ICUBE-Q, on May 3rd, 2024. This groundbreaking achievement is a collaborative effort between Pakistan’s national space agency, Suparco, and China’s Shanghai University SJTU, with the Institute of Space Technology (IST) developing the ICUBE-Q satellite.

Aboard China’s Chang’E6 mission, ICUBE-Q will embark on a journey to the moon’s far side, equipped with two optical cameras to capture high-resolution images of the lunar surface. As part of China’s ongoing lunar exploration program, Chang’E6 aims to collect surface samples for further research upon its return to Earth.

The ICUBE-Q satellite, a CubeSat developed by IST, has successfully completed its qualification and testing phases and now integrated with the Chang’E6 mission. This compact satellite, weighing only a few kilograms, will serve as a versatile platform for various missions, including scientific research, technology development, and educational initiatives.

Pakistan’s participation in this lunar mission signifies its growing presence in space exploration and opens doors for scientific advancement and technological innovation on a global scale. With its relatively low cost and standardized design, CubeSats like ICUBE-Q have made space exploration more accessible to universities, research institutions, and commercial entities, fostering innovation and collaboration within the space community.

As Pakistan takes its first steps into lunar exploration, this historic mission marks a significant milestone in the country’s space program, paving the way for future achievements and cementing its position as a player in the global space community.

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehra
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