PUBG Ban in Pakistan: The game will remain blocked, PTA


PUBG Ban in Pakistan

The PUBG ban in Pakistan will still remain. PTA or Pakistan Telecommunication Authority revealed the news through the official press release. However, the reason is that the game developer did not respond to PTA regarding the framework to resolve concerns.

Earlier, Islamabad High Court or IHC gave the order to lift the ban. However, the decision was warmly welcomed by the PUBG fans all around the country.

PTA banned the game after they received complaints and requests for a ban on popular game. In addition, some suicide cases are also reported among PUBG players.

The hashtag #UnbanPUBGinPakistan topped on Twitter as fans asked PTA to unban PUBG in Pakistan. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is among the most popular games of Pakistani youth. However, the PUBG ban emerged as a shock for them.


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