Samsung Teases New Foldable OLED Displays

Samsung is on a launching spree of Foldable OLED display smartphones. Since the launch of the original Galaxy Fold, Samsung introduced a bunch of devices with similar tech. It is the pioneer of developing Folding screen technology. As part of its OLED Era initiative, it is now hinting at a future full of rollable, foldable, and slideable OLED panels.

The company now launches a new website that showcases all of the conceivable form factors for their flexible OLED panels. Flex Bar, Flex Note, Flex Square, Rollable Flex, and Slidable Flex are the five sub-categories of Samsung’s flexible panels. Samsung terms their foldable OLED display, Flex OLED.

The microsite appears to showcase the company’s cutting-edge display technology only. The ‘Flex OLED’ page within the website hints that Samsung may be diversifying into a wider range of displays soon. It will be offering a variety of aspect ratios and folding in a variety of ways.

Interestingly, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has a clamshell-style folding smartphone called the Flex Bar. Samsung calls Panels for laptops with folding screens, Flex Note screens. While the Flex Square is for folding smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Flexible OLED panels from Samsung Display can be folded, rolled, or slid. Additionally, when compared to other similar products, they have higher brightness, HDR10+ content playback, and superior screen protection (UTG). Moreover, the displays can fold and unfold over 200,000 times, or 100 folds and unfolds per day for five years.

The posters that appear to show laptops and tablets with folding screens and TVs with rollable displays that roll like paper are arguably the most exciting. The South Korean giant has even managed to achieve a surprisingly small bending radius of just 1.4mm. Resulting in a smaller crease and slimmer devices.

Rollable Flex displays from Samsung will be available in gadgets with rollable screens, and we may see such devices in the future. Smartphones with a slidable screen can use the Slidable Flex display. In a piece of related news, OPPO also debuted a foldable smartphone prototype, slated to launch next month.

Sayem Siddiqui
Sayem Siddiqui
Sayem Nadeem Siddiqui is a Web Content Writer at and an avid learner with a voracious appetite for knowledge. He uses this curiosity, combined with experiences, to write digital content in a variety of niches.


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