SkillReactor Launches New Work Experience Platform for Emerging Software Engineers


? The platform provides virtual work experience to help software engineers develop the skills and credentials they need to find employment
? SkillReactor connects candidates with recruiters and employers for job opportunities
? With an emphasis on problem solving, comprehension, and research abilities, the aim of the platform is to bridge the gap between employers and newly skilled developers.

Software engineers are in greater demand than ever before. Almost everything we do relies upon the use of technology and they are the facilitators. But while there is no shortage of engineer vacancies, there are few businesses willing to take on the inexperienced. Global tech platform, SkillReactor, has been devised to help close the gap between graduate engineers and the businesses that need to employ them.

Providing virtual work experience, SkillReactor enables new and existing software engineers to gain relevant experience and develop their industry understanding on fully-fledged projects in a programming language of their choosing. By allowing users to operate, code, and problem solve in an industry simulated environment, SkillReactor helps new engineers to learn best practices when coding and get job-ready. Providing a workable solution to the current Software Developer skills shortage.

SkillReactor’s scalable approach allows developers from all backgrounds to build their problem solving, comprehension, and research abilities. This in turn helps to improve their employability, while ensuring that employers have access to the critical skills they need to grow. And with remote working now more widely accepted than ever before, SkillReactor’s approach to upskilling uniquely positions the business to prepare developers for a remote environment. The platform has also been devised to help existing developers to upskill, whether that’s learning the demands of a new sector, or developing their skills in another coding language.

Launched by former Amazon and Google engineers – Asim Shaikh, Ryan Bell, and Yinka Fasawe – SkillReactor also helps candidates who have completed a project to find work by linking them with recruiters, and employers.

‘Today, getting work experience is a bit of a chicken or egg problem,’ explains founder and CEO Asim Shaikh. ‘Most job adverts say that you need work experience to be considered, yet to get work experience in the first place you need a job. SkillReactor should put an end to this scenario by offering virtual work experience to graduate engineers, and anyone wanting to expand their skillset.

‘Allowing individuals to build professional work-like projects and accelerate their full-stack developer or backend developer career with a job-ready project portfolio, SkillReactor is our solution to the growing skills gap problem.’

‘About SkillReactor’
Launched by former Amazon and Google engineers Asim Shaikh, Ryan Bell, and Yinka Fasawe, SkillReactor aims to close the software engineering skills gap. Providing a simulated work environment and wide-reaching projects for graduate and junior engineers, the SaaS platform delivers in-depth work experience, allowing software engineers to refine their skills, while helping businesses to find the talent they need to scale.


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