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Whatsapp Privacy Update 2021: Share Data With Facebook Or Lose Account

WhatsApp New Policy

The latest WhatsApp privacy update 2021 send users an in-app notification to accept the terms sharing their data with Facebook to continue using the instant messaging application.

After the WhatsApp new update, the instant messaging app has started asking its billions of users Worldwide whether they want to accept the new terms or not. Users have to decide if they agree to share their WhatsApp activity and data with Facebook, or else they have to give up using their Instant messaging app account. Users are given till the 8th of February to accept the same to continue using the platform.

Whether you like it or not, if you want to continue using WhatsApp, it will share your data with Facebook as a condition of use. WhatsApp users are receiving in-app notifications regarding the services new terms and privacy policy. The company claims that the step is to improve its services and your experience. It will show personalized ads on Facebook by taking hints from your WhatsApp. Millions of users in Pakistan got puzzled after receiving the in-app notification today.

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for Voice, Video, and Messages, so it cannot peep into the content of your conversation. But it can extract information about the businesses you come in contact with and process the data further. The mobile messaging platform said that it works with third-party service providers and other Facebook companies to understand, improve, customize, and market its services. As part of Facebook, it can make suggestions for you such as friends, group connections, or other interesting content.

Shahzaib Dyer
Shahzaib Dyer
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