Umar Gul’s Retirement Reason: A Heartbreaking Story Revealed – Watch Video

In an emotional revelation, Umar Gul, the former Pakistani speedster, unveiled the heart-wrenching reason behind his retirement from cricket. The loss of his close friend, Kaleem, led to Gul’s decision to hang up his boots.

Gul and Kaleem’s friendship, which began in 2024, was a bond that transcended words. Gul confessed that a mere glance at Kaleem was enough to understand his thoughts and feelings. However, tragedy struck when Kaleem succumbed to a traffic accident just two days before Eid during the pandemic’s first year.

Gul’s visits to Karachi were solely for Kaleem. With Kaleem’s absence, Gul found himself unable to continue his cricketing journey. This reason was so personal that Gul hadn’t even confided in his wife until recently.

Despite his grief, Gul’s legacy in cricket remains unscathed. Making his international debut in 2003, Gul represented Pakistan in 47 Tests, taking 163 wickets with a strike rate of 34.06. His ODI record is equally impressive, with 179 wickets at 29.34. Between 2003 and 2016, Gul also played 60 T20Is, grabbing 85 wickets at a strike rate of 16.97.

Umar Gul’s story is a poignant reminder of the personal battles athletes often face off the field. His tearful farewell is a testament to the deep bond he shared with his friend, Kaleem, whose memory continues to live on in Gul’s heart.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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