FIFA WorldCup 2022 begins with a scintillating opening ceremony

Fifa Worldcup 2022 was a much awaited event for sports lover. On Sunday night it catches the light with its scintillating opening ceremony. The ceremony was held in Al Bayt Stadium, Qatar.

A new stadium was built for the tournament on the land of Arab. The build-up took 12 years to complete. The first match of the game is between the host country Qatar and Ecuador today.

The ceremony started with the narration of Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman alongside FIFA world cup ambassador who suffers from a spinal cord disorder to showcase the criticism on human rights records.

“Jungkook from K-Pop BTS” highlighted the opening ceremony with his performance based on humanity and respect theme. JungKook performed on the song Dreamer along with the Qatar singer ‘Fahad-Al-Kubaisi’.

The stadium was crowded with celebrities and Government officials. Qatar’s rulers open the WorldCup by calling out everyone to put aside their racial differences

This world cup considered as the most expensive world cup in the history as it costs Qatar an estimated of $200 billion.

After 12 years of controversies that were over shadowing the hosting announced by Qatar, Organizers are hoping that it will be good start for the Football fans. Some controversies roll out even after the action begins. Qatar officials ban alcohol inside the stadium as it will be an Alcohol-free World Cup.

The FIFA Worldcup 2022 first match will be aired on TV screens at 9:00 pm Pakistan standard time. As Qatar’s standard time is two hour behind Pakistan standard times, it is expected some confusions for the Pakistani football fans about the game. To clear up the confusions here is the list of complete timings of matches to enjoy without any interruption.

Nov 20: Qatar vs Ecuador- 9:00 PM

Nov 21:  England vs Iran  – 6:00 PM

Nov 21: Senegal vs Netherlands – 9:00 PM

Nov 22: USA vs Wales – 12:00 AM

Nov 22: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia – 3:00 PM

Nov 22:  Denmark vs Tunisia – 6:00 PM

Nov 22: Mexico vs Poland  – 9:00 PM

Nov 23: France vs Australia – 2:00 AM

Nov 23: Morocco vs Croatia – 3:00 PM

Nov 23: Germany vs Japan – 6:00 PM

Nov 23: Spain vs Costa Rica – 9:00 PM

Nov 24: Belgium vs Canada – 12:00 AM

Nov 24: Switzerland vs Cameroon – 3:00 PM

Nov 24: Uruguay vs South Korea – 6:00 PM

Nov 24: Portugal vs Ghana – 9:00 PM

Nov 25:  Brazil vs Serbia – 12:00 AM

Nov 25: Wales vs Iran – 3:00 PM

Nov 25: Qatar vs Senegal – 6:00 PM

Nov 25: Netherlands vs Ecuador – 9:00 PM

Nov 26: England vs USA – 12:00 AM

Nov 26: Tunisia vs Australia – 3:00 PM

Nov 26: Poland vs Saudi Arabia – 6:00 PM

Nov 26: France vs Denmark – 9:00 PM

Nov 27:  Argentina vs Mexico – 12:00 AM

Nov 27:  Japan vs Costa Rica – 3:00 PM

Nov 27:  Belgium vs Morocco  – 6:00 PM

Nov 27:  Croatia vs Canada  – 9:00 PM

Nov 28: Spain vs Germany – 12:00 AM

Nov 28:  Cameroon vs Serbia  – 3:00 PM

Nov 28:  South Korea vs Ghana  – 6:00 PM

Nov 28:  Brazil vs Switzerland  – 9:00 PM

Nov 29:  Portugal vs Uruguay – 12:00 AM

Nov 29: Netherlands vs Qatar  – 8:00 PM

Nov 29:  Ecuador vs Senegal – 8:00 PM

Nov 30: Wales vs England  – 12:00 AM

Nov 30: Iran vs USA – 12:00 AM

Nov 30: Tunisia vs France – 8:00 PM

Nov 30: Australia vs Denmark – 8:00 PM

Dec 1: Poland vs Argentina – 12:00 AM

Dec 1:  Saudi Arabia vs Mexico – 12:00 AM

Dec 1: Croatia vs Belgium – 8:00 PM

Dec 1:  Canada vs Morocco – 8:00 PM

Dec 2:  Japan vs Spain – 12:00 AM

Dec 2:  Costa Rica vs Germany  – 12:00 AM

Dec 2:  South Korea vs Portugal  – 8:00 PM

Dec 2:  Ghana vs Uruguay  – 8:00 PM

Dec 3:  Cameroon vs Brazil  – 12:00 AM

Dec 3:  Serbia vs Switzerland  – 12:00 AM

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehra is a senior content writer with writing expertise in different niches. She is an MBA graduate by qualification and loves to write about diverse topics. Zehra has 3 years of writing experience and currently employed at as a content writer.


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