PTA Consumer Support Center launched services in Pakistan


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or PTA Consumer Support Center will now address the issues consumers are facing.

PTA Consumer Support Center or PTA CSC will set a new benchmark in the telecom sector. PTA took a new step towards the consumer support by introducing a complaint service for consumers. Now it is easier to register the complaint directly to PTA by this initiative. PTA claimed the availability of the service will be continued for seven days of a week from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm via a toll-free number 0800-55055 which will be operated by the efficient and trained agents.

PTA showed the aim to facilitate its consumer with CSC to provide ease in lodging their complaints about telecom service. Complain regarding cellular mobile telephony, device identification registration and blocking system, internet service providers, fixed/wireless telephony, web content reporting (blasphemy, pornography etc.) UIN, UAN, allocation of short/CVAS registration.

There is required information a consumer needs to provide the agent for quick identification of problem and to get proper response on their complaints.

Chairman PTA, Major General (R) Amir Azeem Bajwa Introduce the CSC at PTA Headquarters, Islamabad .He said, this initiative shows the commitment of PTA to its consumers about the understanding of their problems regarding its services aims to resolve them.

If consumers’ queries do not get addressed by a relevant operator or the customers remain disappointed then they can launch complain at the PTA Consumer Support Center or at PTA’s website to get an immediate solution.


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