Bangladesh Inaugurates First Mosque for Transgender Community in Landmark Move

In a historic development, Bangladesh has unveiled its first-ever mosque dedicated to the transgender community. Situated in Mymensingh, just north of Dhaka, the Dakshin Char Kalibari Masjid represents a significant stride towards inclusivity and religious freedom for transgender individuals.

The genesis of this groundbreaking initiative can be traced back to the expulsion of transgender persons from a local Islamic assembly. Responding to this exclusion, the Bangladeshi government took a proactive step by allocating land for the construction of the mosque. Community solidarity further fueled the project, with collective donations funding its realization.

Central to the mosque’s design is the inclusion of a graveyard within its premises. This crucial addition addresses a long-standing issue, as local cemeteries had previously refused burial rights to transgender persons.

Imam Abdul Motaleb, aged 65 and a key figure in the mosque’s establishment, emphasized the intrinsic value of inclusivity in Islamic teachings. He stressed that transgender individuals, like all human beings, are creations of Allah and therefore entitled to the right to pray as outlined in the Holy Quran.

Despite its modest size—a single-room structure—the mosque symbolizes a pivotal moment for transgender individuals in Bangladesh. It offers them a safe and welcoming space for worship, free from the constraints they may face elsewhere.

Mufti Abdur Rahman Azad, who leads a charitable organization supporting the transgender community, hailed the mosque’s inauguration as a landmark event in the nation’s history. This move not only acknowledges the existence of the third gender but also underscores their right to religious expression and inclusion within society.

The opening of the Dakshin Char Kalibari Masjid marks a significant step forward, signaling a shift towards greater acceptance and support for the transgender community within Bangladesh.

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehra
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