Pakistan Condemns Houthi Attack on Saudi Arabia

Pakistan has condemned a ballistic missile attack on Saudi Arabia by the Houthis.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Foreign Office (FO) said the attack was aimed at civilian population and infrastructure. However, interception of the ballistic missile by the Royal Saudi Airforce successfully prevented the loss of innocent lives.

The statement added, “Such attacks not only violate international law but also threaten peace and security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region. Pakistan calls for the immediate cessation of these attacks.”

FO said Pakistan reaffirmed its support with Saudi Arabia against any threats to its security and territorial integrity.

Yemen�s Houthi movement has stated that it fired several ballistic missiles and 25 armed drones into Saudi Arabia. According to a foreign media outlet, the target of the attack was Aramco oil facilities in Jeddah and the defence ministry in Riyadh.

It is pertinent to mention that one missile that had been intercepted over the Saudi capital was witnessed by residents that reported loud blasts.

Sayem Siddiqui
Sayem Siddiqui
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