US condemns derogatory remarks by BJP against Prophet (PBUH)


The United States has condemned the blasphemous statements made by BJP’s two senior members against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The result has provoked rage in the Muslim community around the world. 

Additionally, following the incident, Muslim countries including Pakistan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Libya, Indonesia, and the Maldives had boycotted Indian products. 

Last Thursday night in a briefing, Ned Price, US State Department Spokesperson condemned the disrespectful act. He said, “This is something that we’ve condemned. We condemn the offensive comments made by two BJP officials, and we were glad to see that the party publicly condemned those comments”. Further, he said that the US government is active in raising human rights issues and had urged India to respect human rights. 

Also, Price added that human dignity, human respect, equality of opportunity, and the freedom of religion or belief are the fundamental tenets of any democracy. 


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