Zilhaj Moon In Saudi Arabia 2021 Is Not Sighted, Hajj Will Start On July 18


Zilhaj moon 2021 in Saudi Arabia is not sighted today.

The Zilhaj Moon in Saudi Arabia 2021 is not sighted in any part of the country. However, Hajj 2021 is going to start on July 18 (Sunday). On the other side, as per the Islamic calendar, Eid ul Adha 2021 in Saudi Arabia will be on July 20.

Each year, millions of Muslims visit Saudi Arabia each year to perform the obligation of Hajj. This year, as per the Saudi government’s notification, just 60,000 pilgrims will take part in Hajj 2021 due to Coronavirus or COVID-19.

On the other side, the Ruet e Hilal Committee meeting will be held tomorrow regarding the Zilhaj moon 2021 in Pakistan or moon sighting.


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