Toyota Car Prices in Pakistan Increased by Up to 580,000

Toyota Car Prices in Pakistan increased by Indus Motor Company. The price increase was evident as the value of Rupee is dropping and Pakistans automotive industry relies heavily on Dollar rate. The prices of whole Toyota Lineup is increased.

The news of Toyota Car Prices increased was confirmed by IMC Global CEO, Asghar Ali Jamali on Wednesday. However, he states that the price increase will not apply to the consumers who booked their cars before November 10th.

Here are the updated Toyota Car Prices in Pakistan.

Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris all models Price after the increase are:

VariantsOld Price in Rs.Price Increase in Rs.New Price in Rs.
1.3 Gli M/T2,409,000140,0002,549,000
1.3 Gli CVT2,589,000160,0002,749,000
1.3 ATIV M/T2,519,000160,0002,679,000
1.3 ATIV CVT2,669,000180,0002,849,000
1.5 ATIV X M/T2,719,000180,0002,899,000
1.5 ATIV X CVT2,899,000200,0003,099,000

Toyota Corolla

New Toyota Corolla Prices from 10th November onwards are:

VariantsOld Price in Rs.Price Increase in Rs.New Price in Rs.
Altis 1.6 M/T3,109,000190,0003,299,000
Altis 1.6 A/T3,249,000200,0003,449,000
Altis SE 1.6 A/T3,599,000200,0003,799,000
Altis 1.8 CVT3,579,000200,0003,779,000
Altis 1.8 Grande CVT3,869,000210,0004,079,000
Altis 1.8 Grande CVT Black Interior3,889,000210,0004,099,000

Toyota Revo

The Toyota Hilux Revo Price of different variants in Pakistan after the current hike are:

VariantsOld Price in Rs.Price Increase in Rs.New Price in Rs.
Hilux E5,859,000290,0006,149,000
Revo G 2.8 M/T6,429,000330,0006,759,000
Revo G 2.8 A/T6,779,000330,0007,109,000
Revo V 2.8 A/T7,379,000400,0007,779,000

Toyota Fortuner

New Toyota Fortuner models after the price increase will now cost:

VariantsOld Price in Rs.Price Increase in Rs.New Price in Rs.
Fortuner G A/T7,649,000500,0008,149,000
Fortuner V A/T8,899,000500,0009,399,000
Fortuner Sigma 4 A/T9,269,000580,0009,849,000

Toyota Pakistan has hiked car prices, following in the footsteps of Lucky Motors, which increased Kia Car Prices. However, the prices of Toyota IMC’s locally built vehicles have only been raised, while the prices of the Prius, Camry, and Corolla Cross have remained unchanged.

Toyota announced the highest-ever sales and a 152% increase in annual earnings for the fiscal year 2021 in August. During the year, it sold 57,236 vehicles, bringing its total income to Rs179.2 billion. It made Rs12.8 billion this year, a 152% increase over the previous year.

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