Toyota Cars Delivery Time in Pakistan: Here are the Details

Toyota Cars Delivery time in Pakistan is increasing due to the shortage in supply of semiconductors. Customers frequently do not receive a confirmed delivery time from automobile manufacturers, making car delivery time a critical issue in Pakistan. The companies adjust the delivery schedule regularly since the COVID-19 pandemic spread. The majority of people are unaware of car delivery schedules. Car Dealers and Brokers offer vehicles to customers with immediate delivery and ask for a hefty amount, called OWN Money. Toyota Indus Motors Cars and their latest Delivery Time are clarified here.

Toyota Corolla

Corolla Altis Grande X CVT 1.8 Beige interior comes with a delivery time of 6 months. While the Corolla Altis Grande X CVT 1.8 Black interior also has the same 6-month delivery time. The third variant Toyota offers in the market is the Corolla Altis X Automatic 1.6. It has a delivery time of 7 months. The last one is the Corolla Altis X S.E A/T 1.6, which also has the same 7-month delivery time.

Toyota Yaris

The first in the Toyota Yaris lineup is the Yaris ATIV CVT 1.3, which has a 2-month delivery time. The second is the Yaris ATIV M/T 1.3, which has a two-month warranty. The other four variants: Yaris ATIV X CVT 1.5, Yaris ATIV X M/T 1.5, Yaris GLi CVT 1.3, and Yaris GLi M/T 1.3, all have the same delivery time of two months.

It shall be noted that all of the vehicles mentioned above are available for booking. You can go to your local Toyota dealership and book your vehicle with ease. Since the beginning of the pandemic, car delivery time has emerged as a serious issue. The main reason for this is a shortage of semiconductor chips, difficulties in importing CKD kits, and expensive cargo containers. However, to discourage the growing OWN culture, companies recommend to book the car from the official dealership. In a piece of related news, Pak Suzuki suspends bookings of these cars.

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