Major Gas and Condensate Reserves Found in Sindh

In a groundbreaking development, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) unveiled a significant breakthrough in the energy sector on Monday. The discovery of gas and condensate in District Sujawal, Sindh Province, communicated to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), marking a milestone in the exploration of the Shah Bandar Block.

The exploration well, Jhim East X-1, in Block 2467-16 (Shah Bandar), meticulously evaluated the hydrocarbon potential at a depth of 2,545 meters. This marks the second discovery in the Shah Bandar Block.

The drilling process and wireline logs identified hydrocarbon-bearing zones, paving the way for a promising discovery. The well, upon testing, exhibited an impressive flow of 13.69 million Standard Cubic Feet per Day of gas and 236 barrels per day of condensate from the Lower Goru Upper Sand (A Sand). This noteworthy output anticipated to contribute significantly to the country’s energy reserves.

The drilling and testing demonstrated local expertise, showcasing the indigenous workforce’s contribution to energy advancements. This discovery is expected to fill the gap in oil and gas supply, addressing the ongoing energy crisis and preserving foreign exchange reserves.

At a time when Pakistan is facing energy shortages, the newfound reserves hold the promise of easing the strain on the national energy grid. PPL’s commitment to utilizing local expertise positions Pakistan as a key player in the global energy landscape, emphasizing self-reliance.

The gas and condensate discovery in District Sujawal poised to have far-reaching implications for Pakistan’s energy security and economic stability. As the well’s evaluation continues, stakeholders are optimistic about the positive impact this breakthrough will have on the nation’s energy landscape.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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