Coronavirus also spreads through banknotes, WHO


World Health Organization (WHO) issued the key warning regarding Coronavirus. They revealed that banknotes can worsen the outbreak of Coronavirus. However, they suggested people to use the contactless payment method instead of cash.

As per the representative of WHO, COVID-19 not only spread through direct contact with viruses affected patients but it can also spread with the help of other infected things. So people should use contactless payment technology instead of banknotes and wash hands after handling cash.

It is not confirmed yet how long Coronavirus can remain active without a host, numerous studies have claimed that COVID-19 can keep on between 9 to 14 days on infected surfaces.

Banks in China and Korea began to use ultraviolet beam or high temperature is being used to purify and disinfect banknotes sooner than the cash is preserved and stored for up to 14 days before recirculation.

The source of the Bank of England has confirmed that banknotes can carry the virus. To keep others save it has ruled out the possibility of following the footsteps of China and Korea to sterilize them.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 was originated from China at the beginning of this year and as per the latest reports it infects the 93000 people in the world and 3200 people died from this.


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