Infinix NOTE 40 Series Price in Pakistan: Unveiling Revolutionary Technology

Infinix has announced the launch of its groundbreaking NOTE 40 series, introducing the industry’s first 20W Wireless MagCharge technology. This cutting-edge feature, coupled with a starting price of Rs 54,999, is now available for pre-order online along with exclusive gifts for early buyers.

The NOTE 40 Pro showcases a remarkable 70W All-Round FastCharge 2.0 capability, while the standard NOTE 40 boasts a 45W All-Round FastCharge 2.0, promising lightning-fast charging speeds. Pre-orders are open on Xpark, offering a seamless and efficient charging experience that eliminates the hassle of cables and adapters.

Addressing common smartphone charging issues such as slow charging and low battery anxiety, the 20W Wireless MagCharge in the NOTE 40 series brings convenience to users’ daily lives. Moreover, the advanced All-Round FastCharge 2.0 supports multiple charging modes including 20W wireless charging, bypass charging, and AI Smart Charging.

Simon Feng, CEO of Infinix Pakistan, emphasized the importance of overcoming low battery anxiety for users, especially the younger generation, to enhance productivity. The extended RAM feature ensures improved system stability and performance, reducing the risk of app crashes and system freezes.

Featuring an impressive 108MP OIS Super-Zoom camera, powered by the Helio G99 Ultimate chipset, and up to 24GB of expanded RAM in the NOTE 40 Pro, the device delivers unmatched performance. The Active Halo Design with AI lighting enhances the overall user experience, complemented by a bezel-less display enclosed in Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

The Infinix NOTE 40 series is now available for pre-order starting from PKR 54,999, offering an exclusive pre-order gift for early birds. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the convenience and efficiency of the new NOTE 40 series from Infinix.

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehra
Syeda Qandeel Zehra, an MBA holder with four years of content writing experience, is a versatile writer adept in news, blogs, and articles. Specializing in SEO content, she combines business insight with engaging storytelling. Keen on staying updated with industry trends, Syeda crafts compelling and high-ranking content that resonates with her audience.


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