Protestors showed solidarity with Imran Khan in massive numbers


After a political disruptiveness in Pakistan that had caused Imran Khan’s rule to end. People from all around the world have come forward to show solidarity with the former Prime Minister, Imran Khan. Hundreds of protestors in several countries were observed on the streets chanting pro Imran slogans.

Numerous placards like, ”Imran, we do not accept anyone as PM”, ”no looters”, ”beggars can’t be leaders”, ”we are with Imran Khan”, and others.

Protestors showed their frustration with the past government not desired to let them hold power in Pakistan Politics. Several charges of corruption against the PML-N and PPP have lost their credibility in the public eye. After winning elections in 2018, Imran Khan rose to power.

Numerous slogans were chanted among different cities and countries in support of Imran.  PTI’s claim of corruption-free Pakistan was the major reason for getting popular among youth. Popular leaders like Maulana Fazl, Asif Ali Zardari, Shehbaz, and Nawaz Sharif were targeted the most in the protest.


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