PTI Ban Proposal Emerges in Response to May 9 Protests: Khawaja Asif

According to Geo News, In response to the escalating political crisis in the country, Pakistan’s incumbent government is considering a potential ban on the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, according to Defense Minister Khawaja Asif.

The government intends to seek parliamentary approval before taking any action against the former ruling party. This development follows the May 9 protests triggered by the arrest of PTI chairman Imran Khan in a £190 million settlement case, which resulted in violent demonstrations and damage to public and private property, including military installations.

In light of these events, the armed forces have resolved to prosecute those responsible for the acts of arson and anti-state activities during the protests. Defense Minister Asif emphasized the severity of the situation, stating that the PTI’s actions challenged the authority of the state and were indicative of nefarious intentions, suggesting possible connections with India. Asif also referenced previous incidents and claimed that the events of May 9 were part of a premeditated plan.

Despite these developments, PTI lawyer Barrister Ali Zafar dismissed the likelihood of a party ban, citing the Supreme Court’s ruling that political parties cannot be prohibited. Zafar acknowledged that individual acts of vandalism could be addressed legally, but a ban on the entire party would not be permissible. He further emphasized that there are specific laws in place to address entities that promote chaos and terrorism.

It should be noted that any potential restriction on the PTI would likely face legal challenges, as the Supreme Court has historically opposed such measures and would likely nullify them promptly.

Rida Shahid
Rida Shahid
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