Stranded Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia: PIA gets approval for special flights


Big news came regarding the stranded Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia as Pakistan International Airlines now got the approval.

Stranded Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia – PIA has taken a step forward for the people who are stranded in Saudi Arabia. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus or Covid-19, Saudi Government blocking down all its airlines on a temporary basis. But, this act occurred trouble for pilgrims who are still there to perform Umrah.

CAA requested the Riyadh government to operate special flights for stranded pilgrims. Despite the suspension of all the flights, Riyadh government grant permission to PIA, so they start calling back their people.

This permission is granted from March 13 to March 18. According to the spokesman of PIA Abdullah Hafeez, they have operated 65 flights in three days 13 March to 15 March and bring back 17,184 passengers to Jeddah and Madina.

People who stucked are complaining that they can afford further long stay in Saudi Arab, which is why PIA is working head to toe so they can bring back all pilgrims to Pakistan before 19 of March.


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