UAE Suspends Flight Operations from Pakistan


Flight operations from Pakistan have temporarily suspended due to the worst situation of COVID-19.

General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) of UAE Announce the suspension of flight operation from Pakistan. Pakistan has recently reached 200,000 positive cases in which more than 4,100 deaths have been reported so far.

The suspension will take effect from Monday (today). It will continue until a laboratory is set up at airports for the Cove 19 test.

The Aviation Authority has said that travelers won’t be permitted on all flights, including moves to UAE air terminals. The choice was made to guarantee the wellbeing of travelers originating from Pakistan.

The GCAA has asked travelers influenced by the choice to contact their carriers or travel agents to make elective arrangements. The Gulf media is revealing that the suspension will proceed until appropriate testing lab offices are set up at air terminals.

The decision comes just days after the UAE’s leading carrier suspended flight operations from Pakistan. More than 30 Pakistanis traveling from Lahore to the UK had a positive experience for the novel Coronavirus. However, the airline will continue to operate cargo flights to and from Pakistan.


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