Wheat price in Pakistan: ECC meeting will be held today

Wheat price in Pakistan

ECC or Economic Coordination Committee members meeting will be held today to decrease the wheat price in Pakistan.

The wheat price in Pakistan is highly increased in a last few days. To overcome flour price in Pakistan, the ECC meeting will be held on Monday (today).

According to sources, it is expected that the proposal will be discussed regarding the wheat import in Pakistan. However, wheat crisis in Pakistan is still prevailing in different cities.

On the other side, the Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research, Khusro Bakhtiar claimed that the flour price in Pakistan will decline from Monday (today). He said that the wheat price in Pakistan will be decreased when flour mills will be opened. He further added that the federal govt has 4 million tonnes of staple food in the stock.

Federal Minister Khusro Bakhtiar said that the government has taken steps to effectively dela with the smuggling of wheat and the flour crisis in Pakistan.


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