First OPPO Foldable Phone to Unveil Next Week

OPPO first Foldable phone is going to unveil next week. The company teases the upcoming foldable device called OPPO find N. It is going to reveal the device officially on Dec 15. The new device has a design that is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series, but it appears to have a larger front display.

Oppo produces some of the most impressive Android flagship smartphones. The Oppo Find X series, in particular, has been innovative, with the premium build quality and designs. It appears that it has applied what it has learned in the production of these phones to its first premium foldable device, the new Oppo Find N.

Pete Lau, Oppo’s Chief Product Officer, and OnePlus Founder, also teased the Find N with the same image.

However, the software will be critical if the Find N is to be a success. Samsung has spent a significant amount of time developing a custom version of One UI for the Galaxy Z Fold series to better take advantage of its larger main display when unfolded.

Moreover, Google recently announced Android 12L, a version of Android designed for devices with larger screens, which could work in favor of Oppo Foldable Phone. For the past four years, Oppo has been working on the Find N. The Oppo expandable phone will not be fully revealed until December 15th.

Sayem Siddiqui
Sayem Siddiqui
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