Shahid Afridi Confirms Shaheen As His Future Son In Law


The former Green Shirts captain, Shahid Afridi confirmed that Shaheen Afridi will become his son-in-law. However, he will marry Shahid’s eldest daughter.

In an interview, Shahid Khan Afridi was asked about his daughter’s engagement with Shaheen Afridi. However, he replied that if Allah’s willing, in the future, Shahen will be his son-in-law.

Boom Boom Afridi said that before this development, Shaheen had no relation with his daughter. He further added that for the previous 2 years, Shaheen Afridi’s parents had a strong desire to convert acquaintances of both families into a formal relationship.

Former captain revealed that his daughter wants to become a doctor. However, it is still unclear that whether she will pursue further education in England or Pakistan. Ayaz Khan, Shaheen Afridi’s father earlier confirmed that both families have good relations and their proposal is accepted.


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