Ramadan Calendar 2022 : Today Karachi Sehri Time & Iftar Time


Karachi Sehri Iftar time for today 04 April 22 is 05:03 AM 6:50 PM respectively. Ramadan is the blessed month and each day of this holy month is spent with the spiritual zeal.

Karachi Ramadan calender 2022 is vital for Muslims who are living in Karachi to start and break the fasting as per Ramadan time table. As per the coming week Ramadan table, fasting time will be as follows.

04 Apr 202205:03 AM6:50 PM
05 Apr 202205:02 AM6:51 PM
06 Apr 202205:00 AM6:51 PM
07 Apr 202204:59 AM6:52 PM
08 Apr 202204:58 AM6:52 PM
09 Apr 202204:57 AM6:52 PM
10 Apr 202204:56 AM6:53 PM

First ashra of Ramadan is known as the week of blessings. Muslims residing in Karachi celebrate it by arranging large gatherings and praying together.

In Ramadan Kareem Karachi observe a beautiful, mesmerizing view of peace, unity and love even being one of the most crowded city of Pakistan. Karachi shows the true color in Ramadan where people enjoy the company of each other, they pray together, eat together without any discrimination of cast, race and religion.

Sehri time Karachi observes the true beauty of harmony where people not only eat sehri but also distribute among others. From last few years the Sehri time in Karachi project the beautiful view where people of all cast and race sit together, eat sehri and thank Almighty Allah for his blessings. However, Iftar time in Karachi is the actual description of helping each other and humanity.

Ramadan brings the positive effect in our lives. That is why Ramadan is said to be the most blessed month.


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